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Friday, July 11, 2014

Follow up info for Lip Glosserie

Greetings!  I hope this finds you all doing well on this glorious summer day!  Hopefully you watched my recent vlog on my thoughts regarding the product samples I received in my June Vegan Cuts Beauty box.  If you didn't be sure to watch that video - it's my review on the products I received and what I would and would not purchase for my cruelty free beauty stash.

One of the featured products was the Lip Glosserie lip balm in the scent Light Asian Pear.  I really like this lip balm - it's soft, it smells great and leaves my lips feeling.......well, yummy!  I Google'd the company to find out how much this product costs and where it can be purchased.  I came across the Lip Glosserie web site and read about the company and products.  Lip Glosserie is a woman owned (Jinny), small business based out of Austin, TX.  Jinny has lots of lip balms in all different scents available on her web site.  She also has body creams is different scents as well.  She makes all of the products herself and is the sole "employee" of the company. 

Anyways, I emailed Jinny to find out if her lip balms had any kind of SPF in them.  She promptly responded and was very sweet, but unfortunately, the balms DO NOT have any kind of SPF in them, which is kind of a bummer.  But this would not deter me from purchasing her product - I mean, I use lip balms at night before bed and don't really need an SPF for that! But, I do like to have a lip balm with SPF for use outdoors.  I don't want chapped you?  

So, back to Google I went in my search for cruelty free lip balm and found that Say Yes to Carrots has a lip balm with SPF!  Yea!  Perfect for those blistering summer days and brutally cold winters!
Now, I do not have this product, but on my errands today, I'm going to certainly look for this.  And of course I will let you know what I think.........So stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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